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Hunts Hill Orchards



Moons Green,
Wittersham, Kent
TN30 7PR
(01797) 270327

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  SELF-SUFFICIENCY - One Day Courses 


    Join us for a day at HUNTS HILL ORCHARDS on the Isle of Oxney. 

    Realise your ambition to become more self-sufficient.

    Enjoy an insightful, stimulating day packed with honest, sensible, practical advice.

    Nestled deep in the countryside on the Kent/Sussex border, we welcome individuals,

    clubs and small groups every weekend from March through to November.



    Learn how you can lead a more sustainable, more fulfilling lifestyle.

    During your visit to our diverse 10 acre smallholding, we will pass on as much

    of our extensive knowledge and experience as we can to help you

    succeed with your own project.


    A typical day with us involves a mixture of instruction, advice and practical demonstration.


    •         Creating a productive fruit and vegetable garden

    •         An introduction to growing with greenhouses

    •         Success with organically grown produce

    •         Incubating and raising poultry for eggs and meat

    •         Animal welfare and husbandry skills

    •         Rearing outdoor pigs from weaners to pork weight

    •         Rules and regulations

    •         Selling your surplus produce

    •         Ideas for preservation and storage

    •         and more…………..



    Whilst walking our orchards, handling our livestock and sampling the delights of our

    market garden you will be gathering essential information and valuable hands-on experience.

    A 9.30am start and 4.30pm finish allows ample time to soak up the rural atmosphere.

    Breaks for refreshments and a delicious home grown lunch are included.


    Our charge for the day is an all inclusive price of £120.00 per person

    Second and subsequent members of the same party £90.00 each



    PIGS FOR PORK AND BACON - Half day course

     Our practical hands-on course is ideal if you are new to pig keeping.

    Presented within the traditional Free Range habitat of our old apple

    orchards you will receive sound, professional instruction. All the

    information you need to start your own venture with confidence.

    Interacting with our animals you will gain competence and

    husbandry skills.




    •         FEEDING & NUTRITION


   Reared correctly the taste and flavour of slow grown pork and bacon

   from Free Range traditional breeds is outstanding. A morning spent

  on our smallholding will convince you of the benefits and ensure

  you possess the knowledge essential for successful small scale pig



  Pig Keeping courses are usually held on a Saturday morning

  9.30am – 1.00pm Cost £45 per person including refreshments.



    POULTRY KEEPING - Half day course

    Keeping Poultry can be great fun and very rewarding.

    Spend an afternoon on our traditional smallholding learning how to handle

    and care for poultry and waterfowl.

    We offer practical advice and instruction in all aspects of poultry





    •         POINT OF LAY & TABLE BIRDS

    •         FEEDING & HOUSING


    Whether you are considering a few laying hens for the garden,

    geese for the Christmas table, ducks for the pond or have visions of

    operating a Free Range egg enterprise, we can help.

    Poultry courses are usually held on a Saturday afternoon

    2pm – 5pm. Cost £40 per person including refreshments.

    Why not combine our Pig and Poultry courses and get your new

    livestock venture off to a flying start.


    SMALLHOLDING FOR PROFIT -  Three day course


    Our Three Day Course is ideally suited to those with ambitions of making a living from their endeavours.

    We will show you how to manage a sustainable, successful, profitable smallholding. From setting up and

    project costing, to growing organically, rearing ethically and profitable marketing.


Try a taste of the ‘Good Life’

We look forward to seeing you.


     Please E-mail or telephone (01797) 270327 (evenings are best) and speak to Philip or Trish for further information






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